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Recent activity

TRAINYOUCAN  is an accredited training provider through the South African Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and provide both accredited and customised learning programmes to organisations looking to maximise their investment in developing their staff.

Trainyoucan Accredited

Over 14 years experience in Train the Trainer also knows as Facilitation skills, Assessor, Moderator and SDF (Skills Development Facilitator) Training, including Training Provider Accreditation and see ourselves as the number 1 Training Company when it comes to continues support. Not only do we offer monthly public courses on Trainer, Assessor, Moderator and SDF  in Durban, but also offer a range of accredited and short courses such as Project Management, Finance, Employment Equity, SHE Rep, Leadership, Supervisor skills, General Management, Receptionist, Event Management and Disciplinary Hearing training.

Our members forum consist of over 1000 discussions and templates when it comes to Trainer the Trainer, Assessor, Moderator and SDF Training including model answers for every activity on all Unit Standards offered. That’s right! We have free resources and discussions on every single programme offered.

01about BBEEEcontenthero

In order to ensure that the overall quality of learning and assessment in South Africa is maintained at a consistently high level, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requires that all corporate learning departments be accredited by the relevant ETQA.

We offer:

Pricing Options:

  • ON-SITE-DISCOUNT: Reduced pricing on “On-Site-Venue Training” where the client arrange the venue and catering – starting R300 discount per day.
  • PAYMENT PLANS: We also offer payment plans for individuals over three months. R2000 mandatory deposit for the first booking, payable before or on the day of class and balance payable over three months period.
    Second booking deposit of R1500 is required before on the day of training.
  • R750+ DISCOUNT FOR RETURNING CLASSROOM LEARNERS: Learners qualify for discounts starting from R750 to R2500 who return for accredited courses – classroom only.
  • FORUM CONTRIBUTION DISCOUNT 5% TO 20%: Learners will be rewarded between 5% and 20% discount on both classroom and elearning for contributions on our FORUM on your next booking.
  • GROUP BOOKINGS DISCOUNT: We request a minimum of 4 learners for group bookings including off-site bookings.
  • ACCEPT ALL SETA VOUCHERS: We accept all SETA Vouchers – Contact our helpdesk for more detail.
  • FREELANCERS: Connecting qualified Trainers and Assessors with the clients at no additional cost. Click here for more detail. – or visit

Accreditation Services Offered:

  • Provider of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Accredited courses  through different SETA’s with the scope to delivery and assess these programmes.
  • Provide a online database with skilled and qualified Trainers, Assessors, Moderators and Skills Development Facilitators (SDF) in all regions as our ongoing support to our members.
  • Registration and support with registration applications with the varies SETA’s.
  • We are able to assist companies in becoming SETA-accredited by developing their unique ETD Quality Management Systems through a consultative process with both SETAs and internal subject matter experts and also offer through our parent network.
  • Provide and offer assistance with a wide range of off the shelf courses material, customization and development of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Accredited courses against Unit Standards or Qualifications to suite the needs of the customer.


How we do it……

We’re focused on a single aim – to give a friendly professional service to our enquirers

We listen – our phone lines are open 24/7 leave your inquiry and we will get back to you

We deliver – helping 1000’s of companies each year to find the training they need

We learn – by listening to our visitors and members we shape our organisation their way for the furture

TRAINYOUCAN forms part of an Accredited Training Network that operate in South Africa between Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our main focus is in SETA Accredited courses such as Train the Trainer, Assessor and SDF (Skills Development Facilitator) training. TRAINYOUCAN, the preferred long term training provider.


We often have questions regarding Accreditation:

  • What does it really mean?
  • How can I confirm that someone or something is accredited?

This falls into two different categories, namely a) provider accreditation  b) programme accreditation.

These are two totally different processes, meaning that a Training Provider must be Accredited with one of the ETQA’s (SETA’s) and each programme they use must carry its own accreditation.

“Provider accreditation can only be with one SETA, but they have the approval to train different programmes in different SETA’s. These programmes has been approved by the relevant SETA who gave them the approval to train these programmes”

Accreditation Explained

Lets see what SAQA say about Training Provider Accreditation:


A body may be accredited as a provider by an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body whose primary focus coincides with the primary focus of the provider, provided that the body seeking accreditation –

(a) is registered as a provider in terms of the applicable legislation at the time of application for accreditation;

(b) has a quality management system which includes but is not limited to –

(i) quality management policies which define that which the provider wishes to achieve;

(ii) quality management procedures which enable the provider to practise its defined quality management policies; or

(iii) review mechanisms which ensure that the quality management policies and procedures defined are applied and remain effective;

(c) is able to develop, deliver and evaluate learning programmes which culminate in specified registered standards or qualifications;

(d) has the –

(i) necessary financial, administrative and physical resources;

(ii) policies and practices for staff selection, appraisal and development;

(iii) policies and practices for learner entry, guidance and support systems;

(iv) policies and practices for the management of off-site practical or work-site components where appropriate;

(v) policies and practices for the management of assessment which include appeals systems;

(vi) necessary reporting procedures; and

(vii) the ability to achieve the desired outcomes, using available resources and procedures considered by the Education and Training Quality Assurance Body to be needed to develop, deliver and evaluate learning programmes which culminate in specified registered standards or qualifications contemplated in paragraph (c); and

(e) has not already been granted accreditation by or applied for accreditation to another Education and Training Quality Assurance Body contemplated in Regulation 2 of the ETQA Regulations.

So how can I check if a Training Provider is accredited?

Firstly we must understand/use the correct terminology. There is a big difference between “Accredited Programmes” and “NQF Accredited Programmes”.

How to confirm that a Training Provider or Programme is accredited?

Here are some guidelines on this process:

  1. You can ask for their Accreditation Number or Certificate from the SETA. They should also have this on their website or programme correspondence including manuals. Most of the SETA’s do not allow the use of their logos on Websites, Emails or Learning Programmes. Don’t be fooled with a SETA logo!
  2. Contact the relevant SETA (ETQA) directly (click here for a full list of contact details). These SETAS approved the Training Providers and Training Programmes, so why not ask them directly? Alternative you can also check on the SAQA website on this link by confirming the providers name at the bottom of the unit standard or qualification. We had several reports in the past where this information was not 100% correct, so once again, rather check with the relevant SETA directly.
  3. Contact the local SETA and ask for any feedback from the Training Provider. (Did they receive any serious complaints about the provider in the past?)
  4. Ask for referrals directly from the Training Provider.
  5. What is the process or duration till I receive my Final Certificate?
  6. Ask about their supporting structure and possible re-assessment fees.
      • Do they provide ongoing support?
      • Do they ask for “registration fees” that is normally used as commission for the middle man between you and the provider?
      • Do they make mention of their supporting structure on their website or communication?
      • Do they make mention of their fee structure on their website or communication?

(It’s always easy to change the terms and conditions  if you haven’t confirmed this in writing)

So what are my rights?

Looking at the above criteria it is clear that the SETA / NQF Accredited Training Provider must have all the required documentation, processes and supporting structures in place. Not providing the necessary support during the learning process must be reported directly to SAQA or the relevant ETQA (SETA).

After all, it is one of the key criteria provided by SAQA for Provider Accreditation.


TRAINYOUCAN Accredited Training Network | REG. 2009-150422-23 | Accreditation: ETDP SETA – ETDP10687 | BEE 201310-21 – Level 4 | HO based in KZN – KwaZulu-Natal Durban

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Learnership Tracking Tool

Learnership Tracking  Tool is a projected created to assist training providers and corporate companies to:

  • Learnership Tracking of personal detail, record keeping and communication. (Email + SMS)
  • Track learner achievements on both short course and qualifications. (Multiple modules or Unit Standards)
  • Assist with general report writing and SETA quarterly reporting.
  • Assist with South Africa BEE and SARS reporting.
  • Easy accessible, general operation including backup process.
  • Able to customize to specific needs.

Learnership Tracking Tool


Learnership Tracking